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  • What is the aperture level?

    The aperture level is an intensity of outline compensation. If the aperture level is increased, an outline of images is clear and images will be sharper. On the other hand, if the aperture level...

    • No:6780
    • Open Date:2018/04/16 08:22

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  • What kind of function is SCC (Super Chrome Compensation)?

    SCC (Super Chrome Compensation) is a function to be able to achieve color images even under low illumination. It is improved sensitivity by removing an IR cut filter even under low illumination w...

    • No:6782
    • Open Date:2018/04/13 14:07

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  • What is a flicker-less mode (Indoor scene (50 Hz) / Indoor scene (60 Hz))?

    Flicker-less mode (Indoor scene (50 Hz) / Indoor scene (60 Hz)) will automatically be adjusted to prevent flicker caused by fluorescent light. Fluorescent light is blinking by 100 Hz or 120 Hz (t...

    • No:6779
    • Open Date:2018/04/13 14:02

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  • What are flares and a ghosts?

    Flares are a phenomenon that a strong light source reflects unnecessarily by the lens surface and mirror frame. Ghost is a phenomenon that a strong light source reflects unnecessarily by the lens...

    • No:6781
    • Open Date:2018/04/13 14:01

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  • What is the maximum shutter time?

    The maximum shutter time is the longest time to accumulate photoelectrons by the CMOS image sensor. If the maximum shutter time lengthens, a screen can become brighter by improving sensitivity und...

    • No:6773
    • Open Date:2018/04/02 08:50

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  • Why is moire (interference fringes) generated in an image?

    Moire (interference fringes) is generated by the occurrence of optical interference between patterns with such as a blind and a pitch of pixels of a sensor. Moire (Interference fringes) can be re...

    • No:6771
    • Open Date:2018/03/29 18:43

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  • What kind of function is MOR (Moving Object Remover)?

    MOR (Moving Object Remover) is a privacy-conscious function which removes people from the image and only send the background image.

    • No:6772
    • Open Date:2018/03/29 18:42

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  • What kind of function is AWC (Automatic White balance Control)?

    This function is to fix the white balance. Once AWC is set and white balance is automatically adjusted, white balance is fixed to the set value afterwards. This adjustment is suitable for a locat...

    • No:6764
    • Open Date:2018/03/16 11:18
  • What kind of function is "Day & Night (IR)"?

    This is a function that switches between the color mode and the black & white mode in accordance with the picture brightness (luminance). In the black & white mode, it is improved sensitivity by ...

    • No:6765
    • Open Date:2018/03/16 11:17
  • What kind of function is GOP (Group of Pictures) control included in smart coding for i-PRO EXTREAM cameras?

    The GOP (group of pictures) control can reduce the total transmitted data of images with little motion by controlling the transmission interval of I-Frame, which is heavy in data. If the motion i...

    • No:6766
    • Open Date:2018/03/16 11:16

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