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  • Please explain: NTP (Network Time Protocol)

    A protocol developed to accurately maintain time among hosts on the Internet.

    • No:349
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Frame rate ( ips / fps )

    Refers to the unit that determines the smoothness with which the recorded images are played back."ips" indicates the number of recorded frames in 1 second. The higher the number, the smoother the m...

    • No:369
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Subnet mask/Subnet prefix length

    Numerical value to define whether to use several bits for a network address to distinguish among subnet IP addresses in a network. According to the values, devices can determine which part of the a...

    • No:324
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Port number

    A sub address set below the IP address to connect multiple parties simultaneously for communication (TCP, UDP, etc.) on the Internet. [HTTP port]The port number to which web browser transmit HTTP ...

    • No:343
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • What are privacy zones?

    Privacy zones are areas that users do not want to display (record) in the shooting screen.

    • No:6688
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:26

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  • What is the dehumidification device?

    It is a device that directly removes humidity in the camera by electrolysis.

    • No:6686
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:51

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  • What kind of standard is IK10?

    IK10 is one of the IK code numbers specified by IEC 62262. The IK code number corresponds to the following impact conditions. IK10 denotes impact conditions where a 5 kg weight is dropped fr...

    • No:6679
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:25

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  • What kind of function is black level correction?

    Black level correction is a function that maintains a constant brightness level for the darkest part of the image (black level) to accurately reproduce colors and brightness.

    • No:6690
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:52

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  • What kind of standard is IEEE 802.1X?

    IEEE 802.1X is an IEEE standard for wired/wireless LAN authentication. 

    • No:6689
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:52

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  • What kind of function is HLC (high light compensation)?

    This function reduces the overexposure of objects even when the camera is exposed to car headlights.

    • No:6685
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:48

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21-30 of Total 109