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FAQ within [ Glossary ]

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  • What is PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus)?

    PoE+ (PoE Plus) is a standard with which PoE is upward compatible. Some models of network cameras with the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) function need to be connected to a hub compatible with PoE+. A ma...

    • No:6697
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 15:29
  • What is IR LED (infrared LED)?

    IR LED is infrared LED lighting, which allows shooting even in a zero-lux illuminance condition.

    • No:6694
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 15:28
  • What is Pan?

    Pan is a camera angle control by horizontally swinging the camera.

    • No:6681
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:48
  • What is PoE (Power over Ethernet)?

    PoE is a technology for supplying electrical power through an Ethernet LAN cable. A maximum power of 15.4 W can be supplied.

    • No:6680
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 09:09
  • Do I need to exchange the SD memory card installed in i-PRO camera frequently for maintenance?

    YES.SD memory card is expendable supplies.When the writing is very frequently, the cycle of exchange have to be short. Please refer to the following document for the tested SD memory cards.

    • No:6321
    • Open Date:2015/04/26 14:00
  • Please explain: DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

    A protocol that enables PCs to automatically get information from a server needed for accessing a network.

    • No:383
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Download (Recorder)

    Indicates file (recorded image on the recorder) transfer from the recorder to a PC using the FTP function.

    • No:379
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • EL-zoom

    Indicates the zoom function available when displaying live or recorded images.While the zoom function of the camera enlargesimages using the zoom lens of the camera, theEL-zoom function enlarges im...

    • No:378
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Face matching

    Refers to a function that detects facial features of people in images and matches them against similar facial features recorded earlier.

    • No:374
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: File playback (PC Software Package)

    Indicates playback of image files using the viewer software.

    • No:372
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40

41-50 of Total 119