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  • What kind of standard is IEC 62262?

    IEC 62262 is a standard for degrees of protection of enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts. The protection degrees are denoted by IK code numbers corresponding to...

    • No:6678
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:47
  • What are privacy zones?

    Privacy zones are areas that users do not want to display (record) in the shooting screen.

    • No:6688
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:26
  • What kind of standard is IK10?

    IK10 is one of the IK code numbers specified by IEC 62262. The IK code number corresponds to the following impact conditions. IK10 denotes impact conditions where a 5 kg weight is dropped from a ...

    • No:6679
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:25
  • Do I need to exchange the SD memory card installed in i-PRO camera frequently for maintenance?

    YES.SD memory card is expendable supplies.When the writing is very frequently, the cycle of exchange have to be short. Please refer to the following document for the tested SD memory cards.

    • No:6321
    • Open Date:2015/04/26 14:00
  • To use PoE switch to supply power over ethernet to i-PRO network camera, what kind of LAN cable can I use?

    Please use 4 pair UTP / STP : Category-5e or better

    • No:6316
    • Open Date:2015/04/23 20:42
  • Please explain: Administrator

    Indicates a person responsible for management and operation of this software.

    • No:390
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Bit rate

    Indicates how many bits of data can be processed or transmitted in a unit of time. Generally, the units are in bps, or bits per second. Used to indicate the compression rate of video and audio data...

    • No:389
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Broadband router

    Router used to access the Internet via high-speedADSL or fiber optic lines.

    • No:388
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: Camera operation (Recorder)

    Operations of the network camera connected to the internet/intranet or recorder such as pan and tilt (horizontal and vertical position), zooming, focusing, brightness (iris adjustment), preset moti...

    • No:387
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: DDNS (Dynamic DNS)

    A technology for dynamically translating DNS server information to enable the transfer of only differences in information between DNS servers (refer to "DNS").

    • No:386
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40

41-50 of Total 122