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  • Please explain: VPN

    Service used to make public lines as private lines. Many companies are using this as a new medium of communication instead of costly private lines. Depending on service, VPN also provides a secure ...

    • No:314
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: WAN

    Allows physically separated PCs, such as between the head office and a branch office, to connect via a phone line or private line data for exchanging.

    • No:313
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • Please explain: HD (Hgh Definition)

    HD is the general term to describe high-definition images (720 or more vertical pixels) with higher quality compared to SD (Standard Definition).

    • No:311
    • Open Date:2013/03/04 13:40
  • What is the termination of analog video output signal?

    That termination refers to connecting a load resistance of 75 Ω (ohms) to the analog video output signal.

    • No:6703
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 15:31
  • What is ClearSight Coating?

    ClearSight Coating is Panasonic's unique coating technology. The coating ensures high visibility when it is raining and stain resistance, making the camera performance much higher than before.

    • No:6698
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 15:29
  • What kind of standard is NEMA 4X?

    NEMA 4X is a protection degree of enclosures for electrical equipment established by NEMA (the US National Electrical Manufacturers Association). Each protection degree of enclosures specified ...

    • No:6696
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 15:28
  • What kind of function is cropping?

    Cropping is a function that allows the selection of only a specified area of an entire image for distribution purposes. With this function, the entire screen and a part to be checked can be distri...

    • No:6695
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 15:28
  • What is H.265?

    H.265 is one of the a video compression standard. It is a successor to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and provides approx. twice the compression efficiency of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.

    • No:6693
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 15:28
  • What kind of function is auto-white balance?

    Auto-white balance is a function that automatically adjusts the image to make a white object look white outdoors, under fluorescent or incandescent light, or in any other lighting condition.

    • No:6691
    • Open Date:2017/12/01 09:09
  • What kind of function is black level correction?

    Black level correction is a function that maintains a constant brightness level for the darkest part of the image (black level) to accurately reproduce colors and brightness.

    • No:6690
    • Open Date:2017/11/30 18:52

61-70 of Total 119