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I am trying to install ASM970 and the extension software to the PC. Where can I look for to get the MPR ID required when the KMS registration?

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WV-ASM970 and its extension software such as WV-ASE231 should be installed to different PCs, and different MPR ID are required for the KMS registration.

WV-ASM970 is client software, but it's originally installed on the  server that WV-ASC970 is installed. It will distributed from the server to each client PC when you launch WV-ASC970 server software. So, use the MPR ID shown on the server PC for the KMS registration.

On the other hand, extended software (WV-ASE231/ASE902) should be installed to a client PC directly on which customer uses the extended function. So, use the MPR ID shown on the client PC for the KMS registration.

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